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Om Kropp og selvfølelse

Ulrike Schmidt og Janet Treasure - Getting betteri bit(e) by bit(e)

Many women's lives are blighted by the widespread physical and psychological problems caused by eating disorders, such as bulimia nervosa and a wide range of allied conditions. Ignorance or misinformation about the causes, health risks and remedies abound. Access to treatment is difficult for many sufferers, and friends and families often feel impotent. This self-help book, whose efficacy has been proven in clinical trials, empowers sufferers to take control of their own lives and tackle their eating difficulties in their own home.

Easy to read and illustrated with many real-life examples, this book addresses the specific problems faced on a daily basis by bulimia sufferers. Based on the most recent research, it provides detailed step-by-step advice for dealing with this condition. The book concentrates on the key behaviour changes necessary for the sufferer to achieve a happier and more fulfilled life. Theory is closely interwoven with practice, and the book draws together real problems and solutions experienced by hundreds of sufferers.

Issues covered in depth include: how to cope with binges, cravings and urges; the health risks of dieting; how to achieve an optimal weight; how to give up vomiting, laxatives and diuretics; how to get fitter; the wounds of childhood; faulty thinking; assertiveness; the slippery slope of drink and drugs; relationships and bulimia; common work problems; and how to cope with set-backs.